Shooting in Cypress Creek Lakes

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UPDATE (1/04/2011 2:50 PM): Police have reported that a red Mustang meeting the description of the one used in the crime last night has been wanted for numerous similar crimes. Here is a report of an almost exact replica crime that happened in Cypress in early December.

Also, the Cypress Creek Lakes HOA has asked residents to continue to stay inside with the doors locked until they catch the last suspect.

UPDATE (1/04/2011 1:00 PM): Three suspects being questioned this morning. One is 17 years old and another is a juvenile. Still not sure if a 4th suspect got away or not. Last I heard this morning, there was still a police helicopter flying around in the area.

Here is the ABC News update on their 12 o’clock news this afternoon.

UPDATE (1/04/2011 7:08 AM): Video from the local ABC News this morning

UPDATE (1/03/2011 11:52 PM): Here is a detailed update from the Blackhorse Ranch community message board.

·         Neighbors with handguns – who were trained in their use – fought back.

·         Perpetrators were 4 young men – at least 2 were over 18, and two we are still not totally sure but one of them is like a grown minor.

·         They brandished a weapon which turned out to be an air pistol modified to look like a real .45 weapon – the orange tip had been strategically removed to give the appearance of a real weapon.

·         Homeowner’s family had just returned from Willowbrook Mall after purchasing some electronics. They were followed but did not know it until the person(s) stepped out of a red mustang brandishing the weapon and threatened the family. The homeowner came outside seeing this commotion occurring. He came out with his .40 caliber and discharged its clip at the suspects and the car they were in. Shots went low and skipped off the pavement and punctured the gas tank emptying its contents onto the street.

·         The suspects were clamoring out of the small two door sedan but not all could get out fast enough. An armed neighbor came out after hearing the “commotion” and ordered the remaining suspect out of the vehicle.

·         Bottom line: 2 were caught, two are at large but their identities are known, no known injuries from bullets or otherwise.

·         Additional info: This vehicle matches the description of the vehicle used in other similar crimes originating in the Willowbrook Mall area. This may solve a number of other open cases.

·         Agencies involved: Pct. 5 Constable’s, Harris County Sheriff’s Dept., Houston PD Air unit (using Infrared imaging, not a spotlight), Cy-Fair VFD for the fuel hazard

This is the first I have heard about a suspect being caught by a neighbor in the get away car.  If this is the case, then three suspects should be caught now with one still at-large.  Great news that nobody has been injured so far.

UPDATE (1/03/2011 11:18 PM): ABC13 now has the story. Confirms that shots were fired from the home owner who at least hit their vehicle. I guess this would explain why they were all on foot.


The news is still sketchy, but there was an apparent shooting somewhere near the 3rd entrance of Cypress Creek Lakes during an attempted burglary this evening with three men fleeing on foot. This is the section of Cypress Creek Lakes where both my Mom and sister live.

Even more strange with regards to my family, one of the three men were caught in my brother’s front yard in Blackhorse Ranch South on the other side of Fry Rd. A second suspect was caught on the street adjacent to the cul-de-sac the first suspect was apprehended.

Since my brother lives at the end of a cul-de-sac, both of these suspects must have been jumping fences to get to where he was caught which is pretty scary.

I am also now hearing that there may be a total of 4 suspects which differs from the original word of 3. I also heard that they have moved the helicopter search to Bridgeland after an eye-witness saw a man running down Bridgeland Parkway.

I will update this post as I hear more.

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